Food for Thought at ECP’s FRED Talks

Here is a summary of our fantastic FRED Talks event held in the Molineux Lounge at the ECP Hub recently.

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Before you read the article, find this vocabulary in the text:

takeaway: a key point or fact to remember

wasteful: extravagant or careless expenditure

be aware: to have knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

budget-busting: something that means you will spend more money than you have available

regret: to feel sad or disappointed about a decision you made in the past

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On 7th February, ECP held its annual FRED Talks event where students, coaches and friends get together to listen to pintxo-sized presentations on thought-provoking concepts.

Here, ECP coach Rob summarises the talks and gives his takeaways. Watch the talks on YouTube!

Mascha Snoijink: Energy and the Body 

What did Mascha tell us about? Mascha gave us a brief introduction to some of the concepts used in Energy Medicine. She compared energy to money to explain how we ‘spend’ our energy and how we can learn to manage it more responsibly. She gave two examples of wasteful energy expenditure: resentment and stress, two behaviours that can cause us to retain harmful energy that will eventually make us ill. How can we administer our energy more effectively? By aligning the three personality types that define us – the Thinker, the Doer and the Feeler. By being aware of how those characteristics influence how we react to the world, we can attempt to balance them and create a more coherent and harmonious relationship with friends, family, colleagues and, ultimately, ourselves.

What was Rob’s takeaway?

“Energy that is retained is life that doesn’t flow”. Resentment and unresolved stress will ruin your life and eventually kill you. But we have the ability to change!

Igor García: Transforming the School Yard 

What did Igor tell us about? Igor described the transformation taking place at San Prudencio school. The school yard, once dominated by football pitches, is gradually becoming an inclusive, multi-activity area where children of different ages, interests and abilities can mix freely without being pushed out to the margins of the communal space. Students were consulted as to what would be their ‘dream yard’ and four non-budget-busting ideas were selected. Some suggestions (e.g. Laser tag) were too expensive, but space was found for a climbing wall to be built, classic games such as Hopscotch were painted on the ground, a chill-out area was constructed and murals were painted to express the ideas and philosophy of the school and its pupils. Igor explained that this was just the start and more “hard work” lies ahead in their quest to create a truly inclusive space.

What was Rob’s takeaway? “Break time belongs to the students”. The kids must be involved to ensure that break time is a positive and inclusive part of their day.

Mario Gómez: From Businessman to Bluesman 

What did Mario tell us about? Once upon a time, Mario worked in his family’s shoe business and he even set up his own chain of shops using innovative business techniques. But—and there is always a “but” emphasised Mario—working with your family isn’t easy and after over twenty years of hard work and stress, Mario decided that he needed to get out. With the support of his wife he gave up work and, after a period of reflection, decided to follow his heart and dedicate himself full-time to music. But… being self-employed in a sector (culture) where people never really want to pay you for your services is incredibly tough. But… he doesn’t regret taking this leap of faith and he and his family are now in a better place than they were before.

What was Rob’s takeaway? “You have to find your own voice”. Being brave and taking risks can ultimately make you a happier person. But… it’s not an easy ride.

Let’s chat about that!

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Have you ever been to a FRED Talks event? If so, did you like it?

Do you think you ‘waste’ your energy in any way? If so, how?

Think about the personality types. What mix of person are you? 

Describe the yard at the school you went to as a child.

Could you give up your job and start afresh like Mario did? Why/not?




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