Coach Jarrod gives some tips on learning English by watching TV.

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Useful Vocabulary

  1. Reinforcing – Strengthening or supporting.
  2. Thoroughly – In a comprehensive or detailed manner.
  3. Regularity – Repeated action or pattern.
  4. Consistently – Regularly and without variation.
  5. Sitcom – A sitcom, or situational comedy, is a television genre that features a set of characters in a recurring environment dealing with humorous situations. The episodes are usually lighthearted and focus on everyday life.
  6. Follow Along- To follow along means to go through or keep pace with something, such as understanding or following a conversation, text, or activity while it is happening.
  7. Jot Down – To jot down means to quickly write or note something briefly. It often involves making short and informal notes or records.


Learning English through TV series can be a fun and effective way to improve your language skills. Here are some tips to make the most out of this approach.

1. Choose the Right Series

   – Start with series that are not too complex in terms of language. Consider starting with sitcoms or shows with clear dialogue.

   – Opt for series with English subtitles to help you understand the spoken language better.

2. Watch with Subtitles

   – Initially, watch with subtitles in your native language. As you become more comfortable, switch to English subtitles, and eventually try watching without any subtitles.

3. Repeat and Pause

   – Pause and rewind scenes to understand and catch specific words or phrases. Repetition is key to reinforcing your understanding.

4. Use Transcripts – Some series have transcripts available online. Use them to follow along and understand the dialogue more thoroughly.

5. Take Notes  

Jot down new words or phrases you come across. Create a vocabulary list and review it regularly.

6. Imitate Pronunciation

   – Mimic the pronunciation and intonation of the characters. Pay attention to the rhythm and stress in their speech.

7. Focus on Context

   – Pay attention to how words and phrases are used in different contexts. This can deepen your understanding of their meanings and usage.

8. Discuss with Native Speakers

   – Join online forums or discussion groups where you can talk about the series with native English speakers. This provides an opportunity to practice and receive feedback.

10. Diversify Genres

    – Explore different genres to expose yourself to a variety of vocabulary and accents. This can help you adapt to different English-speaking environments.

12. Be Consistent:

    – Regularity is crucial. Try to watch episodes consistently, even if it’s just a short amount of time each day.

Remember, the key is to make the learning process enjoyable. Find TV series that genuinely interest you, and gradually you’ll find yourself improving your English language skills.

Let’s chat about that

  1. Do you think it’s more helpful to use subtitles in your native language or in English?
  2. Have you ever tried mimicking characters’ speech patterns to enhance you language abilities?
  3. Do you have a favourite TV series that you think would be good for language learners?
  4. Do you prefer Sitcoms, Dramas, Science Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Action/Adventure or Documentaries?
  5. How often do you watch TV or Movies in English?