10th Anniversary of ECP and the WEP

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

June 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of our cooperative and that meant that we have been producing the Weekly English Practice for 10 years too!

This is the last Weekly English Practice of this course. Thanks for watching, reading and listening to the WEP! See you again in the autumn!

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10 years of ECP and the WEP

June 2020 has been a special month for everyone at English Coaching Projects. Not only did it mark the 10th anniversary of our cooperative but it also meant that we had been producing the Weekly English Practice for 10 years too. That’s over 350 issues going all the way back to 30th September 2010! We incorporated audio as early as February 2011 and since October 2017 there has been an introductory video. All the articles since October 2012 can be accessed on our website.

English Coaching Projects was set up as a cooperative by 5 partners in June 2010. The Weekly English Practice was one of our first ‘projects’.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have been unable to organise the big party that we had planned to hold to celebrate these landmarks but no doubt, once we all know how life will be in this ‘new normality’, you will all be invited to celebrate the ECP project and the part that you have played in it.

In the meantime, have a great summer and the Weekly English Practice will be back in the autumn!

This week, the ECP coaches have chosen their favourite WEP from 2019-20. Which one was yours?

Lakua’s market can’t compete with Primark!

28th November 2019

This was written by Kez.  

I think I like my article about the market in Lakua the most because it was about a local place; very close, in fact, to where I’ve spent the most time living in Gasteiz. It also contained names of local people that some of our students might know, so it felt quite personal.

A Good Read: The Art of Loving

16th April 2020 

This one was written by John. 

My most satisfying WEP was ‘The Art of Loving‘. I read and discussed this marvellous book with a friend during the lockdown and it served as a kind of therapy which I can honestly say has changed my life. The feedback from our students was truly gratifying as well. Some are reading Fromm’s masterpiece now. I recommend the book to everyone.

Rekindling Hobbies During Lockdown

 30th April 2020 

This one was written by Darren.  

The articles I wrote during the lockdown were both personal and positive.  In ‘Rekindling Hobbies’ I decided to pick up drawing again after twenty years. I had every intention of continuing but the fact is, I haven’t picked up a piece of charcoal since!

Reading to learn is no walk in the park

 26th September 2019 

This one was written by Ali. 

From my 2019-20 WEPs, ‘Reading to Learn’ meant the most to me because it allowed me to share my geeky side with all of you. I’ve learnt so much Spanish vocabulary in the last year or so thanks to my reading efforts, and if I can inspire just one or two people to do the same in English, I’m chuffed!

Using a Mini Phone to Fight Screen Addiction

 7th May 2020 

This one was written by me, Rob.  

This was a very personal project that took months to complete. Writing the article was like therapy for my addiction and the video made me feel like a YouTuber!

Have a great summer! Bye!

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WEP 10th anniversary of ECP & the WEP

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