Coach John in praise of possibly the greatest Rock & Roll song of all time.

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Useful Vocabulary

to be into (something/someone): to be interested in or involved with

to be pushed: to keep asking for something or trying to persuade people to do something

back in the day: in the past; some time ago

to tease: to excite someone’s interest or desire with no intention to gratify it; tantalise

to drawl: to say or speak in a slow manner, usually prolonging the vowels

to pound out: produce a text or play a piece of music with heavy strokes on a instrument

splice: to unite/join (two pieces of magnetic tape, etc.)

to flirt: to consider without seriousness; trifle or toy with

under my skin: to affect someone positively even though he or she does not want or expect to be affected that way : grow to like something


Coach John in praise of possibly the greatest Rock & Roll song of all time.

If you’re really into music and appreciate various genres it’s hard to pick a favourite song. It all depends on your mood, whether you’re in love or have just had your heart broken. However, if I was pushed to choose a song to send out into space to show other intelligent life in the universe what Rock & Roll is all about, I would choose, ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ by the Only Ones. 

As a young punk, back in the day I remember when the song was released in 1978. It wasn’t a big hit but was recognised as a classic by DJs and one music critic even said AGAP is; “Arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded”.

For me the song has everything. The song starts slowly with guitarist and singer Pete Perrett beating out the chords. Next, in comes the powerful rhythm section of Alan Mair’s bass and Mike Kellie’s drums, building to an early crescendo when John Perry give a teasing taste of the guitar solo to come and then that killer first line, drawled by Pete; “I always flirt with death….”

Before we continue, click on the link and listen to the song, while reading the lyrics on Page 2:

Another Girl, Another Planet

Great isn’t it? Every time I hear the guitar solo after the second verse, I can’t resist playing my air-guitar! 

The song was recorded on a 16 track analogue tape machine. According to the producer: “..when they put the 16-track on, there in all its glory was ‘Planet’, pounding out of the speakers, and it was like heaven. It just sounded fantastic. A complete performance with no splices; pure rock & roll, from the first note to the last.”  

But what is it about? As Pete Perret was unfortunately addicted to heroin for years, many fans assumed the song is about drugs and that space travel is a metaphor for being high. I never made that connection and always assumed it was a romantic hymn to love; “I’m on another planet with you” and to moving on with optimism when a relationship ends.

In an interview in 2015 Pete declared that the song had been actually inspired by a girl and that it is not about heroin, nevertheless admitting that he always enjoyed “writing ambiguous lyrics that could be taken on two or three different levels”

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the song. I have to go now as: “Space travel’s in my blood /There ain’t nothing I can do about it….”

by ECP coach John Hird

Let’s chat about that

  1. Give a summary of the text on page 1 to your coach and/or classmates.
  2. Had you heard AGAP before? What do you think about it?
  3. What does John like musically about the song? How does he describe it?
  4. What are the two possible meanings of the song?
  5. What does Pete Perrett say is the meaning of the song? Do you believe him?
  6. What kinds of music are you into?
  7. Do your like any of the cover versions?
  8. Name your all time TOP 5 rock songs.