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 Darren Lynch

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Birthday: 29th December 1977

Background: Born in Ennis, Ireland, I studied a BA in Business Studies specialising in Hotel Management at GMIT. I came to Vitoria to learn my partner’s culture. What was meant to be a year or two has turned out to be a long term adventure. Since settling in Vitoria I have coached a wide range of clients from kids to company directors, however, my natural tendency is towards business English as my previous “life” in Ireland and Wales was in management and sales.

Why I’m an English Coach: This is a role I’ve grown into. The more I learn and improve, the more I enjoy it. I like sharing my English with people who genuinely want to learn it.

Advice to learners: Make time to do a little every day.

Other interests: Art, sport, sport, music and sport.

Favourite colours: Green.

Favourite book: Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Favourite movie: Trainspotting.

Favourite TV programmes: Modern Family and Criminal Minds.

Favourite food: Smoked Salmon on Irish Brown Soda Bread.

Favourite quote: “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life doing nothing” George Bernard Shaw.

My favourite songs: 
Lady – Modjo
Beetlebum – Blur
Old Town – Thin Lizzy

My favourite links:
The Irish Independent
Today FM
BBC Sport